White Masterbatches   Black Masterbatches
25% -75% Tio2 loading MB   20% - 50% Carbon Black loaded MB
Special White MB for Multilayer   High Jet black MB (Filler free)
General Purpose filler free MB   Black MB for Engg. Plastics
White MB for Engg. Plastics   Special Black MB for Shoe & TPE Molding
Colour Masterbatches   Additive Masterbatches
Over 3500 Shades of various colours   Polymer processing Aid – PPA
Special Effect Master batch like   Anti Static
Twin tone   Anti Split Additives for Strap
Glow in dark   Antioxidant
Marble/ granite effect   Anti block
Pearlescent effect   Slip / Anti Slip
Metallic colours   Optical Brightener
  Purging Compound
Filler Masterbatches   Desiccant
Filler MB for films   Anti Scratch
Filler MB for Raffia Industry   Anti Microbial
Filler MB for Furniture Industry   UV additives
Filler MB for Injection/ Blow Molding Application   Nucleating agent
Applications   PET Masterbatches
Food, non-food and industrial packaging   MB for water bottle packaging
Coated box board, paper and foil   MB for PET bottle for Pharma packaging
Extrusion lamination   MB for sheets
Fibres for upholstery, carpets, rugs, draperies   MB for strapping
Injection moulded articles   Compounds
Wires and Cables   Glass filled compounds
Agricultural film: mulch, green house, tunnel   Glass filled Nylon Compounds
Pipe & conduit   PC & ABS Blends
Geosynthetics   Cable Jacketry Compounds
Medical and hygiene applications   V2 & Vo PP Compound
    V2 & Vo ABS, Nylon Compounds
Engg Plastic Masterbatch   Talc filled Compounds
Sanityware Speciality Masterbatch   Furniture Compounds
Biodegradable Masterbatch    
ROHS Compliance MB    
High Performance Colour MB